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The Home Winemaking Book by Michiel Pesgens
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The Home Winemakers Manual by Lum Eisenman
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The curiosities of ale & beer: an entertaining history
by John Bickerdyke 1886 - 449 pages
Studies on fermentation: The diseases of beer, their causes, and the means by Louis Pasteur, Frank Faulkner, David Constable Robb -1879 - 418 pages
Danish beer & continental beer gardens
by Max Henius, United States Brewers' Association - 1914 - 51 pages
Twenty-five years of brewing: with an illustrated history of American beer ...
by George Ehret - 1881 - 120 pages
In praise of ale: or, Songs, ballads, epigrams, & anecdotes relating to beer ...
by W. T. Marchant -1888 - 632 pages

Micro-organisms and fermentation
by Alfred Jörgensen, Alexander Kenneth Miller, A. E. Lennholm - 1893 - 318 pages
A text-book of the science of brewing‎ - Page 216
by Edward Ralph Moritz, George Harris Morris - 1891 - 534 page
Beer and the beer traffic
by Massachusetts Temperance Alliance - 1874 - 32 pages
The brewer's analyst: a systematic handbook of analysis relating to brewing ...
by R. Douglas Bailey - 1907 - 423 pages

A practical treatise on brewing, and on storing of beer
by William Black (of Cornhill, London.) - 1835 - 80 pages

















HomeBrew4Less.com is a HomeBrew and Wine Maker Supply Shop in Chambersburg, PA 17202

HomeBrew4Less.com LLC is a full service retail and mail order home brew shop for all winemakers, homebrewers, mashers, craft brewers and country wine makers and is located in Chambersburg, PA 17202

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Retail Store Address:
HomeBrew4Less.com LLC
890 Lincoln Way W
Chambersburg, PA 17202
(717) 504-8534

Store Hours
Tue-Sat 11:30am - 5:30 pm

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced wine maker or beer brewer we are the home brew shop for you! We can provide you with all you need to thoroughly enjoy this truly fascinating and rewarding hobby, otherwise known as the art of homebrewing.

Homebrewing is the brewing of beer, wine, cider and other beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, through fermentation on a small scale as a hobby for personal consumption, free distribution at social gatherings, amateur brewing competitions or other non-commercial reasons

HomeBrew4Less.com LLC carries a very wide range of home brewing supplies including kits and equipment plus the raw ingredients: grape and fruit juices, dried flowers, enzymes, malts, hops, yeasts and grains etc. You can now even make superb spirits and liqueurs by natural fermentation, no distillation is required! Please have a browse through our Product List at your leisure.

Wine Kits: The easiest way to make home made wine, we stock an excellent choice of wine kits for quality wine making in just three weeks. We keep over 60 different wine kits in stock and we can help you select a wine kit to suit your taste.

Home Winemaking Ingredients: Dried fruits, flowers and grains, grape concentrate for vinosity, an amazing array of goodies for the winemaker!

Beer Kits: The simplest way to make homebrew beer! In our store you will find over 100 different home brew beer kits in stock from the finest all malt kits through the premium and mid ranges to budget beer kits. We provide descriptions to help you select a beer kit to suit your taste.

Homebrewing Ingredients: Paradise for the home brewer! The freshest hops, yeast, grains and syrups for mashing from the grain or malt extract homebrewing.

Homebrew and Winemaking Hardware: Within our product lists you'll find everything you need to create your own home brewery or home winery. Use our "Search" button to find a barrel, wine press, wine filter, fermenter, bucket, mash tun, yard of ale, wine rack, beer keg, thermometer etc. Note that a wine press can also be used as a cider press or a fruit press.

Beginner's Equipment Packs: These provide the basic equipment that you will need to make wine, beer or liqueurs. Sometimes beer beginners kits are referred to as microbrewery kits and you won't believe how little it costs to have your own micro brewery.

Homebrew and Winemaking Books: The ultimate reference for winemakers and home brewers.

Home Brew Cider Kits: Homebrew isn't just about beer, we cater for the cider lovers too with these simple to brew but delicious to drink homebrew cider kits.

Home Brew Spirit & Liqueur Kits: It is now possible to ferment up to at least 21% alcohol by volume with these superb home brew kits, the quality is truly amazing and in just three weeks!

Home Brew Labels: For the finishing touch to your homebrew see our beer labels, wine labels and shrink capsules.

Our Main Catalogue is detailed and so if you would prefer to view a more concise list of products in each section try the "Quick-Buy Lists" below:
Wine kits - 30 bottle size
Wine kits - 6 bottle size
Spirit and Liqueur kits
Beer kits - Premium
Beer kits - Mid-range
Beer kits - Budget
Cider kits
Beer ingredients - Syrups
Beer ingredients - Powders
Beer ingredients - Grains
Beer ingredients - Hops
Barrels and Accessories
Beer Mashing Equipment
Yards of Ale
Books and Videos
Wine Presses & accessories
Wine & Liqueur Flavorings etc
Grape Juice for Country wine
Dried Fruit + Flowers
Grains for winemaking
Fermentation Equipment
Heaters & accessories
Test Equipment & accessories
Strainers, Funnels & Brushes
Filters & accessories
Bottling Equip. & accessories
Wine racks
Miscellaneous Hardware
Yeast, Nutrient & Enzymes
Wine & Beer aids
Sterilizers & Cleaner

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